Structural Timber

We carry one of the most comprehensive ranges of pine framing
materials in standard sizes and can supply your material treated to H2
(protection from termites and borers) if required.

70x35mm 70x45mm 240x45mm
90x35mm 90x45mm 290x45mm
120x35mm 120x45mm
140x35mm 140x45mm
190x35mm 190x45mm

Depending on what size material you are after we stock, F5, F7, MGP10 and MGP12.



Structural Timber may be used in conjunction with the following Australian Standards:
• AS 1684 - Residential Timber Framed construction
• AS 1720 - Timber Structures Code, Part 1
and any other building code or Australian Standard that makes reference to MGP product.
It is graded in Sawmills in accordance to AS/NZS 1748 - Mechanically stress-graded timber.



All framing material is kiln dried to meet standards, planned to accurate and consistent dimensions passed through a machine stress grader, and visually inspected by well-trained Timber graders for strength and utility overrides. Each stick is then branded confirming its grade and the mill where it was manufactured. 

F17 KD Hardwood

Our structural hardwood is available in solid timber, nail plated or laminated "Ashlam" in solid lengths up to 5.4m, Ashlam up to 7.2m & nail plated to any length with transportation of lengths over 7.2m the only issue.

It is available graded to F17, S17 or *F27 and can be termite treated to durability grade H2.