e-joist combines the latest engineered wood technology with LVL to create a floor joist that is light weight, strong and easy to install.

e joist utilises a Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) flange and a structural web. Flanges are manufactured by laminating predominantly Maritime Pine veneer using phenolic adhesive in a continuous assembly in which the grain direction of all veneers runs longitudinally. e-joist provides greater design flexibility for an economical floor joist layout. Whilst it retains the same strength as a solid beam of the same size, it which uses much less wood which makes it lighter to work with as well as providing cost savings.

Available in a range of depths and flange widths:

45mm - 200-45     240-45     300-45
51mm - 240-51     300-51
63mm - 360-63
90mm - 240-90     300-90     360-90

· Engineered for straightness and consistent performance
· Available in lengths up to 12.6m
· Easier to install compared to hardwood and steel alternatives
· Easier installation of services within the floor space
· Sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation pine