Timber Flooring


Everyone loves a wooden floor. Maybe it's because, more than anything else, no two floors are identical; not even from the same species, the same age and from the same area. There will still be variations in colour, tone and markings. In an age of homogeneous, mass production it makes a wooden floor something very special.

MYM make it easy for you to choose the colour groups of floors to help with design planning.

Flooring is coded into the following colour groups.
- Reds- Jarrah, Western Australian Karri, Sydney Blue Gum, Forest Reds, Flooded Rose gum,
  Turpentine, Red Ironbark and Red Mahogany.
- Browns- Tallowwood, Brushbox, Spotted Gum, Roasted Peat and Grey Ironbark.
- Blondes – Blackbutt, Stringybark, Tasmanian Oak, Australian Beech, Messmate, American White Oak and New England Oak.

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