Melamine Particleboard is available as standard, moisture resistant or edged for easier finishing.


Melamine Particleboard is an ideal panel for applications where a white finish is desired because the surface does not require any painting or finishing. Applications include shelving for the kitchen, laundry, wardrobes and other furniture.

Melamine finishes are available in:

• Stipple or Decor (a light textured finish similar to orange peel)
• Velvet (a soft ‘egg shell’ finish that is smooth to touch)


White Melamine Particleboard HMR


Melamine Particlboard


Thickness                      Length x Width (mm)                  

12mm                            2400 x 1200
16mm                            2400 x 1200/1800
                                      3600 x 600/1200/1800
18mm                            2400 x 1200/1800
                                      3600 x 1800
25mm                            3600 x 1800


Shelving and carcasses for:

• Laundries
• Wardrobes
• Storage units



A highly moisture resistant particleboard that does not require any painting or finishing. Available in Stipple and Velvet finishes. 12mm 2400 x 1200 Shelving and carcasses for:


PVC Edged Melamine Shelving


PVC Edge Melamine Shelving

Thickness           Length x Width (mm)             

16mm                1800 x 295/445/595
16mm                2400 x 295/445/595/1200
16mm                3600 x 295/445/595


All types of shelving

Melamine particleboard, PVC edged is the ideal panel for applications where a white finished surface is desired.